Catalan is the dominant language for Wikipedia articles written in Spain

Dominant Wikipedia language by country

I devote a lot of energy to writing about the layers of information that augment our world and why they matter. Some of this work has further explored how not just the quantity or thickness of layers of information matter, but alsotheir audiencing. In other words, the ability to access, read, and make sense of the layers of content that annote our world.

One way to measure this audiencing of content is to look at the variable amount of information in different languages in Wikipedia. In other words, where do we see the densest layers of content in English vs. French vs. Arabic etc.? The maps below illustrate this information: showing the language with the most content per country.

A quick note about method. Our geographic data were obtained by combining geotagged data from two independent sources, WikiLocation and Georeferenzierung. These tools enable us to capture data in 44 languages comprising 87 percent of all articles across all Wikipedias and articles from all Wikipedias with more than 100,000 articles.

In Spain, we also have one case of a ‘minority language’ (Catalan) with significantly more content (about thirty-five thousand articles) than the ‘majority language’ (Castilian/Spanish with about nineteen thousand articles) of the country. Nowhere else in the world do we see such high-visibility for a relatively small language.

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