Westminster report states an independent Scotland would be EU Member from its first day

A report published by the British Parliament states that an independent Scotland should be a full member of the European Union from the first day of its independence.

The document is drafted by an expert on EU law and enlargement, Graham Avery, who is also Honorary Director-General of the European Commission and Senior Adviser at Brussels-based European Policy Centre. The report states that Scotland “for practical and political reasons could not be asked to leave the EU and apply for readmission” since the “ 5 million people, having been members of the EU for 40 years; have acquired rights as European citizens”.

The report concludes that “arrangements for Scotland’s EU membership would need to be in place simultaneously with independence”. Therefore “negotiations on the terms of membership would take place in the period between the referendum and the planned date of independence”. For this, according to Avery, who is also a Senior Member of St. Antony’s College of the University of Oxford, “the EU would adopt a simplified procedure for the negotiations, not the traditional procedure followed for the accession of non-member countries”. The report is part of a series of expert analyses on the Foreign Policy consequences of an independent Scotland for both the new state and the remainder UK.

The purpose of the report is “to address the subject as objectively as possible” since “opponents tend to exaggerate the difficulties of EU membership, while proponents tend to minimise them”. It “focuses on the question of the procedure for Scotland’s accession”. The document published on the British Parliament website could also apply to the Catalan case. In fact, EU membership is one of the main controversies regarding a Catalan self-determination process, as the Spanish Government has started an offensive to consider an independent Catalonia automatically being excluded from the EU. Furthermore, the Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister is insisting that Spain and “many other member States” would veto’s Catalonia’s EU membership.

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