Increase in Gibraltar incursions over the weekend

The rise of Catalan nationalism is provoking tension in Spain. In the light of the independence drive by Catalunya, the Spanish governing party have issued instructions to the navy to intercept fishing boats and demand them to fly the Spanish National flag.

On Saturday morning, a military naval vessel from the Spanish armed forces prevented numerous fishing vessels from a local Catalonian port in Gerona to leave port because they were not displaying the Spanish national flag, all the boats had to return to port and were unable to fish.

Analyzing this incident from a local perspective it is not too difficult to draw similar parallels. At present, the issue of nationalism is of great importance and consequence to the Spanish Government. Even at local level and in recent weeks we have seen vessels of the Spanish navy suspiciously noseying in and around British Gibraltar Waters.

Over the weekend there has also been a notable increase in the number of incursions by the Guardia Civil and the Aduanera SVA vessels, they were not even accompanying fishermen, just exercising their ‘right of free passage’ Which in this area is one of the biggest maritime jokes EVER! ( as our photographs illustrates)

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