CiU proposes an independent Catalan state within the EU by 2020

Last weekend, the Centre-Right Catalan Nationalist Coalition (CiU) presented its electoral programme, which proposes creating “state structures” and clearly points towards Europe. “If we want a leading Catalonia in Europe, we need a state structure, which we do not have”, stated CiU’s leader and President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, who is running for re-election. CiU’s electoral programme talks about creating “state structures” but it does not openly mention the word “independence”; however, it is the closest a CiU electoral programme has ever been to supporting an independent Catalonia.

In fact, the programme is validated by the massive demonstration of September 11 claiming for Catalonia’s independence from Spain, which gathered around 1.5 million people in Barcelona, according to local police. Following this demonstration, CiU and particularly the Catalan President, Artur Mas, openly defended Catalonia’s need to have its own state within the European Union. Not surprisingly, this claim has been included in the programme for the next Catalan election, which were called for a month ago by Mas, after the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy turned down the proposal for a specific fiscal agreement to improve Catalonia’s funding scheme (in line with the fiscal models from the Basque Country and Navarra). Mas presented the CiU programme, which places “the best Europe” as its reference.

CiU’s electoral programme proposes the creation of “state structures” in order to have a Catalan state within the EU by 2020. In fact, the document uses the EU as a constant reference, even with its title ‘Catalonia 2020’, in line with the EU’s strategy for competitiveness. The Catalan President and CiU’s candidate for the next elections, Artur Mas, explained that one of the programme’s main axes is “having the best Europe as a reference”. We want to be stuck with Europe. If we were to choose a partner, Europe would be our current marriage choice”, stated Mas. In order to do this, the “red line” is Catalonia’s “right to decide” on its own future and consequently the organisation of a self-determination vote to allow Catalan citizens to directly express their opinion on the issue.

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