Madrid’s Heavy Hand

The right to self-determination is a concept that aggravates Madrid more than a red cloth aggravates a Spanish bull. Whoever wants to anchor it in the Spanish constitution is by default a sympathizer of the radical group ETA. That view is shortsighted. The renunciation of violence can lead to peaceful self-determination.

In the empire of king Juan Carlos I., pride (especially the pride of a Spaniard) can kill. Half a million people were killed in the civil war between 1936 and 1939. Another 150.000 were executed by Franco’s fascist troops after the civil war ended in order to protect “Spanish unity”. In the Navarra province alone, the henchmen of General Francisco Franco assassinated one per cent of the population in order to put an end to the Basque pursuit of liberty. Yet in today’s Madrid, it is still more politically correct to refer to the 860 people killed by the ETA in 51 years than it is to mention the victims of General Franco. Or, for that matter, the 350 people killed as part of state repressions against ETA and the 750 political convicts in Spanish prisons.

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