66.8% of small and medium-size business owners would support an independent Catalan state within the EU

Barcelona (ACN).- Two thirds of the owners of small and medium-sized business in Catalonia would be in favour of an independent Catalan state within the European Union (EU), according to a survey presented on Thursday by Pimec, the main Catalan SME owners association. 66.8% of the interviewees would be in favour of Catalonia’s independence from Spain while remaining within the EU and the Euro, which is the formula proposed by all pro-Catalan independence parties. In addition, 21.1% of the interviewees would support a more federal Spain and only 12.1% would prefer the current situation to continue. This means that 87.9% of the interviewees would support either Catalonia’s total independence from Spain or a greater level of decentralisation. In addition, 81.5% of the interviewees think that an independent Catalonia would be economically viable.

Regarding the self-determination referendum, 82.4% are in favour of the Catalan Parliament’s promise to organise a citizens’ vote within the next four years. 97.5% of the Catalan SME owners think Catalonia should receive better fiscal treatment by Spain. Additionally, 92.2% consider that Catalonia should raise all the taxes and later pay a specific amount to the Spanish Government in terms of solidarity with the poorer Autonomous Communities as well as any services provided and investments made in Catalonia. This is the fiscal agreement the Basque Country and Navarra already have and the one the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, refused Catalonia when the Catalan President, Artur Mas, presented it to him last month.

In Thursday’s presentation, Pimec’s President, Josep González, emphasised the “forcefulness” of the survey’s results. According to him, the survey’s goal was to know what the SME owners think of the political situation.

Pimec “would not put any obstacles” in front of the construction of a Catalan state

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