Catalan National Assembly’s 3 points

Yesterday, Catalan National Assembly, the political no-partisan movement that organized massive demonstration on September 11th, explained its position concerning elections on November 25th. It asked people to take the path of recuperating political independence, freedom, dignity, democracy and social justice by voting political parties who want Catalonia to become a new European state.

A proposal was sent to all political parties, with the exception of conservative unionist parties PP and Ciutadans. This proposal contains three points:

We ask every political party who will participate in next elections to subscribe three points in its program:

1) The sovereignty of Catalonia resides in the people of Catalonia. The people of Catalonia are the one who must be consulted in order to decide which kind of political relationship they want to establish with other people and other states of the world.

2) We are going to work, since the beginning of next legislative term, to achieve that Catalonia becomes a new state in Europe.

3) We will work together with all other political groups in the process of constitution of the new independent state to obtain the broader consensus and to become the State of all the Catalan people.

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  1. Benvolguts, preneu tot el que us sembli aprofitable del bloc, m’alegra que us sembli útil. Afegeixo al darrer apunt la foto de Carme Forcadell. Gràcies!