“The future belongs to us”


Source: GTIR

RCAT´s 5th National Assembly closing speech, delivered by Ruth Carandell, vicepresident (21.10.2012)

A few days ago Joan Carretero  reminded us that in a context in which Catalonia was debating itself between the so called “soft rain” and  “fish in the basket” strategies, Reagrupament (RCAT) was set up with only one single political aim: to send to the Parliament a majority of elected (Member of Catalonia Parliament, MCP from now on) able to proclaim independence.

And that is still our pledge.  What makes RCAT different is our stubborn determination of setting at the front, whatever decisions we may take, our nation’s freedom, far above other legitimate interests that all political organizations may have.

That’s why we have understood, before anyone else did, that we are living now in a quite completely different historic moment: the huge rally on 11th September changed everything. And that’s why we must act in this very moment with all the necessary political generosity in order to serve truthfully our real aim. As Carretero himself  keeps saying, and this assembly here truly demonstrates, we will keep at work with no rest and without asking nor expecting any reward for doing so.

We only know too well what we must do on the next 25th November simply because we trust what history and Catalan people are demanding from us.

I was there at the rally, on 11th September, as well as probably all of you. What were all  that people shouting for? Were they shouting “left”? Maybe “right”? Were they asking for a “fiscal pact”? No. What were they all shouting? Just one thing: IN-DE-PEN-DEN-CE !!!

And, for the first time ever in our recent history, one president of the Generalitat (Catalan government) did listen to that shouting.  Maybe because we were so many people shouting so loud and for quite a long time, maybe because he understood the hope on all our joyful faces…

Anyway, for the first time we have a president who has taken a solemn commitment to lead us towards an independent state. He has dismissed the Parliament, called for early plebiscitary elections and promised we will have a self determination referendum according either to Spanish or international legislation… All this has happened just in a month’s time and maybe some people and political groups don’t yet realize this is a historic moment which demands above all unity and generosity.

So, we have now decided that if we want to reach independence we must keep at work and help President Mas, who is now leading the path, to get the largest possible electoral support. No acting so would be irresponsible.

We want all citizens of the world who will be watching us in the evening of 25th November, and all governments in the world, to realize with no doubt that  the process that was started on 11th September by many Catalan citizens is actually unstoppable and that our president Artur Mas, who had the courage of assuming it, has the largest ever democratic support in our country and he can use this majority as to guarantee we can decide on our political future by ourselves.

We want to make clear to all governments and international centers that the one thing that may divide all MCP in our autonomous Parliament in two different blocks -which won’t be left and right this time, these two blocks we will have again in the future Parliament of our free state- is the possibility of creating a new state of our own, by means of a democratic and peaceful process, if there is a large enough majority to do so thank to the support of Catalan voters at the elections.

We want freedom to decide what we want to be and we know nobody can stop us now… It is our immediate task to get the world to know it, too… Insults, threats or fear won’t take us back.

A different positioning would not match this historic moment. President Mas has taken a step forward and he is now in front of us… Our strategy must be giving him support with all due generosity.

RCAT  bid for a large coalition, led by president Mas, which might have included all parties that are seeking independence. This proposal, though, has failed… Then we have also tried to unite all classic independentist parties but again with no success… So don’t pay attention to any mermaid’s chanting and don’t let them distract you from our main goal.

We will have too much work for the next weeks and months. We do need everyone who is ready to work.  Yes, we are many people but we must be many more… We will do the same job we have been doing for the last four years, though we have now some new helpers: minister Wert, retired colonels from the Spanish army, even the King… To all them we promise a commemorative plaque in the capital city of our free state.

Joan Carretero said also that he was proud of all of you because of the task you have already done and because of the labour you are still about to do. He said you were, no doubt, the most generous, hardworking and prepared group of patriots he has ever known. And I would still say that Reagrupament has always marched one step in front of the others in this way that our history has taken. Actually, we have become the script writers of it!

Let me give you some examples:

– We were one step forward went we anticipated the need for our Parliament to take a sovereign decision that allowed us to exercise the right to self determination.

– We were one step forward when councilor Joan Carretero stated to the media that the Spanish president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, was nothing but a “spain-ist demagogue” (and Joan was dismissed from government!).

- We were one step forward when we refused a renewed Statute of Autonomy which after being severely pruned has not been respected either at all.

- We were one step forward when we claimed last time for democratic plebiscitary elections by which we could not choose the colours of our deputies but between a free or a slave Catalonia.

- We were one step forward when we asked for a “large spectrum list of candidates” of those seeking freedom for our nation and giving priority to patriotism and national dignity.

- We were one step forward when we proclaimed that we cannot do nor have real politics in Catalonia, leftist or right winged, since we have no sovereignty to decide on our incomes and resources.

- We were one step forward when we stated the need for our country to undergo democratic renewal linked to our national freedom.

- We were one step forward when we asked the EU the question about our European citizenship for the future, by means of a Citizens’ European Initiative, the first one ever submitted to the European Commission.

- We were one step forward when we produced an accurate program as to well organize our free future, this free future that is getting closer day by day.


Again we are now one step forward by acting responsibly in search of unity…

That’s why the FUTURE BELONGS TO US !…

And that’s why we are so certain that our future, of which we are script writers, is  about FREEDOM !

(Translation: JJTN)