Pravda – The Basques join the Catalans

In Spain, parliamentary elections in local authorities in the two autonomous regions were held on October 21st. In the Basque Country (a year after ETA ended the armed struggle for independence), nationalists won in a landslide victory. However, Galicia supported the ruling Popular Party of Mariano Rajoy. It is not the victory, but the defeat that is indicative.

The Basque Country has an ancient tradition of separatism. This ancient isolated ethnic group has always paid special attention to its independence. For centuries, there was a system called “fueros”, which recognized the central authority, but always stayed out of it. During the Franco years, who abolished the autonomy, the Basques created terrorist organization ETA (“The Basque Country and Freedom”). The organization has been struggling for independence since the mid-1960s led the armed struggle for independence. About 900 people fell victims of this war.

In 2011, the organization announced the termination of the armed struggle. It was transformed into Bildu Party. It was Bildu that got the votes of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) during the Sunday elections. These nationalist parties will take 48 (21 and 27) of 75 seats in the new parliament. The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) won 16 seats, the ruling People’ Party (PP) – only 10.

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