“Vergüenza, señor Vidal Quadras!”


Source: EP and GTIR

Mr. Derk J. Eppink, MEP from Netherlands, and vicepresident of  ECR group, has asked for Mr. Vidal Quadras resignation, in a statement  in today´s plenary session of the European Parliament (video, starting 43:34).

Here is the transcription:

Mr. President, let me first congratulate you, Mr. Barroso and Mr. Van Rompuy for the Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately I cannot congratulate Mr. Vidal Quadras, vice-president of this Parliament. On spanish television he suggested to send the Guardia Civil to Catalunya to do with moves towards Catalunya independence. This remark was utterly appalling. Let the Catalunyans themselves (…) their future. Look at Prime Minister David Cameron with regard to Scottish independence. Mr. Cameron said “Ok, let´s have a referendum in 2014”. That´s the way to do about, ladies and gentlemen. Not the Army but democracy. 

In order to explain his remarks, Mr. Vidal Quadras send us a letter, and made it even worst. And here is the letter. Reading it, Mr. President, I had the impression it had been drafted by General Franco himself! He calls Catalunya Independence not a peaceful not democratic. And what about him? So (…) of Nobel Peace Prize what are you gonna do about that? And Mr. Schulz, what are you gonna do to about it? Not so much so far. Mr. Schulz you said Mr. Vidal Quadras just expressed his private opinion, he did not speak as vice-president. But he did it. He was announced as vice-president, and he is vice-president 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, isn´t he?

 So, Mr. President, please do not run away from reality. Call upon your vice-president to apologize to this House, to apologize to the Catalan people and to resign. He does not reflect the dignity of its position, he is not worth of the Nobel Peace Prize, and I would say “Señor Vidal Quadras, vergüenza!

After a short and distateful reply from a Spanish MEP, Mr. Eppink has added a few, but courageous words,

The only point I want to make, Mr. President, is that I’m not interfering in internal affairs of Spain, but I do not approve over a remark of a vice-president of this Parliament suggesting the Army should be sent to a Province. So put it up to the voters and not to the Army. We know the history of Guardia Civil, señor. You know better that I do! So please (stop?) about it. Let´s talk about democracy and let the Catalonians decide by themselves. Thank you!