Huge Pro-Independence victory in Euzkadi election


Source: Eitb and GTIR

Voters in the Basque Country handed a major victory to nationalist and pro-independence parties at the ballots Sunday. The Basque Nationalist Party, or EAJ by its basque initials, took 27 seats while the pro-independence, left-wing coalition, EH Bildu claimed 21, giving pro-independence candidates their second-largest majority in 34 years.




The outcome implies a complete defeat of both pro-Spain parties, socialist and PP, who had ruled thanks to a pact the previous legislature.

The likely new president will be PNV-EAJ leader Mr. Iñigo Urkullu.

Precisely, a few months ago, Mr. Urkullu paid a visit to Dr. Joan Carretero, President of Reagrupament, in Girona. After having a friendly meeting, it was agreed to explore ways of collaboration and understanding between both organisations.