Letter from Catalonia

On Thursday 25th September 2012 the Catalan Parliament resolved in favour of self-determination, with almost two thirds of its members voting ‘Yes’ to Catalonia’s ‘Right to decide’ its own political future. The Catalan Parliament democratically made following resolutions:

1. The Parliament of Catalonia expresses its recognition and congratulates itself for the enormous success achieved by the massive demonstration through the streets of Barcelona on September 11, under the slogan, “Catalonia, New State in Europe”.
2. The Parliament of Catalonia declares that over the last thirty years, a significant portion of Catalan resources has decidedly committed itself to the transformation of the Spanish State in order to fit better therein without having to renounce to our legitimate national aspirations, our will for self-governance, nor our continued existence as a nation. But our attempts to fit Catalonia into the Spanish State and the latter’s repeated responses bring us today to a dead end. Catalonia must begin a new era based on the right to self-determination.
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