Catalonia could ask Europe for help

While London and Edinburgh signed an agreement on Monday (15 October) allowing Scotland to hold a referendum on independence within the next two years, Barcelona said it might look for international help in order to convince Madrid to allow Catalonia to hold their own referendum on independence.

A month ago, Barcelona faced the biggest independence rally ever with one and a half million people on the streets calling for independence from Spain. The following week, talks on a new fiscal agreement between the Mediterranean region and the conservative government in Madrid broke down, leading to the President of Catalonia, Artur Mas,
to call for early election on November 25th.

The Catalan parliament then agreed to hold a consultation on independence within the next four years if the majority of lawmakers in the new parliament, following the election, is also in favour of such a consultation. The latest polls show that Mas’ party is set to win with a comfortable majority.

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