Pro-independence parties expected to win Basque country elections in Spain

Separatist party leader is expected to follow example of Catalan regional president by calling independence referendum

Separatist tensions within the European Union looked set to grow with pro-independence parties expected to win regional elections held on Sunday in Spain’s northern Basque country.

Polls show a surge of support for a separatist coalition, EH Bildu, formed after a decision last year by the armed separatist group Eta to end a 40-year campaign of terrorism.

The coalition brings together peaceful separatists with former members of Eta’s political wing who are no longer banned from parliamentary politics. Polls predict it could win a quarter of the vote and become the region’s second largest political party.

The moderate Basque Nationalist party (PNV), which backs a gradual march towards independence, is expected to lose some seats in the regional assembly to EH Bildu but looks set to take most votes.

PNV looks set to form a minority government, possibly supported by EH Bildu, though its leader, Iñigo Urkullu, has refused to say exactly how he plans to govern.

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