An Independent Catalonia: Not Only Viable But Also More Prosperous!

I decided that it made sense for Catalonia to be independent from Spain at least 20 years ago based primarily on the historical, linguistic and cultural arguments and to be perfectly honest I didn’t worry too much about the economics. It simply struck me as being right and just and that was enough. It also seemed to me blatantly obvious that Catalonia would be financially better off but I  can’t say the topic interested me massively.

However, since La Diada I seem to be getting into economic arguments continually where my interlocutors tell me that Catalonia couldn’t possibly survive outside Spain. I know they’re wrong but I haven’t had decent arguments with which to counterattack ….. until now!

I’ve been following the financial pages in the newspapers much more closely and watching the right TV programmes but it wasn’t until I bought Alfons Durán-Pich’s ‘Catalunya, A La Independència Per La Butxaca’ (more or less ‘Catalonia Towards Independence According To Its Pocket’) that I had easy access to all the facts and figures.

So what follows are statistics that show why an independent Catalonia isn’t only viable but would also be more prosperous. There’s very little argument here but it makes sense to translate the statistics so that I can refer to them in more opinion-based articles in the future.

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