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On monday David Cameron signed a treaty with Alex Salmond allowing Holyrood to conduct its own referendum on Scottish independence in 2014. While Cameron’s spin doctors were busy telling everyone that he had put one over on the First Minister by securing agreement to a single question, the rest of Europe looked on in amazement.

Can you imagine Madrid allowing the Catalans to frame their own independence question? Tanks would roll first. The truth is Cameron had to concede the referendum to Holyrood out of weakness. In doing so he has created a precedent some European politicians fear – giving Europe’s stateless nations the right to determine their own fate. And they will.

On Sunday, Flemish nationalists represented by the NV-A party won the municipal elections in their part of Belgium. The charismatic NV-A leader, Bart De Wever, was elected mayor of Antwerp – akin to Alex Salmond personally defeating Labour on Glasgow City Council. De Wever immediately called for Home Rule for Flanders, the wealthy Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Next year sees a general election at which the NV-A is expected to do even better.

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