Petitioning President of the EP: The EU should ensure the respect of human rights in Catalonia

This new campaign is important to ensure the respect for human and democratic rights in states where they have been subscribed, as it is the case of Spain.

As you know, recently there has been a large demonstration in Barcelona: 1.5 million people over a total population of 7 million concurred to claim for their independence for cultural and economical reasons. But the main purpose of this demonstration was to exercise the right of self-determination and become a new state in the European Union. After this, the Catalan government has decided that the nation should be consulted about their future, as it will happen in Scotland in few years. The Spanish government not only has neglected what happened but threatens to ban this query, bypassing international law. Even some military and political associations of the same party that now governs Spain have threatened about military intervention if Catalonia exercise the right to decide .

I would urge you to collect signatures to put pressure on the European Union, of which we are citizens, to guarantee the exercise of our rights within it. The voice of a nation can not be silenced by a supposed democratic and European country. The European Union should force Spain to respect and legalize a binding referendum in Catalonia about the new relationship that people want with Spain and the EU.

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