The Streets of Catalonia are full of independence flags

If I look through the window I see four independece Catalan flags or estelades. If I go through the streets you see a lot of these flags here and there. It is true that most of the balconies do not have flags but it is also true that never before I had seen independent flags through the streets!

Some years ago maybe you could walk 30 minutes through the Catalan streets and maybe you could find maybe one or two indepence flags or maybe none.

Now it has become quite trendy!

Quite strangley when I see these flags I remember the streets of madrid one day I was there and the Spanish football team was playing in South Africa where it finally won.

Catalonia has indepence fever and you can like it or not but that it is the truth. Just open a window, go to the street, watch tv and the independence of Catalonia is everywhere.

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