A big mistake Europe must correct

In today’s society, with the atrocities of the 20th Century firmly in our rearview mirror, we take many things for granted. We remain painfully aware of the flagrant violations of human rights in Africa, Asia and Latin America, but we seem to have built a mental wall of silence around the issue of democracy and rights in the western world.

For the most part we still believe the European Union to be a haven for individual and collective rights, despite some episodes that have shaken said beliefs momentarily. The widespread visualization of abuse by police forces against demonstrators in many European countries has given doubters a powerful, tangible imagery to make their point.

Perhaps the European Union isn’t as mindful of civil liberties and human rights as we’ve made it out to be, but this isn’t a new development. In fact, since granting Spain’s entry as a member of the Union, the institution’s claims of democratic enhancement have rung hollow.

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