Bishop suggests Vatican could create Catalan Bishops’ Conference

Bishop Xavier Novell of Solsona, who is the youngest prelate in Spain, said on Oct. 17 that if the region of Catalonia forms an independent state, the Holy See could consider the creation of a Catalan Bishops’ Conference.
According to Europa Press, Bishop Novell told local reporters that “if Catalonia were an independent country, it would affect the Catalan Catholic Church because this country would probably want to have diplomatic relations with the Holy See, and the Holy See would probably have to consider the possibility of creating an Episcopal Conference for the new country.”

He also said independence would affect the financing of the Church in Catalonia, because currently tax revenue goes through the Spanish Treasury, which then provides funds to the Spanish Bishops’ Conference. The conference by an agreement between all the bishops of Spain then distributes the money proportionately to each diocese.

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