Reagrupament V National Assembly, Vic

Reagrupament V National Assembly will be held on October 21 2012, in the city of Vic (Osona) at the Edifici el Sucre (Historiador Ramon Abadal i Vinyals 5, 08500 Vic) from 09:00 to 13:00.

The plenary session will start at 10:00.

Accreditations to participate in the National Assembly can be formalized from 09:00 to 11:30 at the assembly venue.


First half

1. – Opening, reading, approval or modification of the minutes of the IV Assembly (Art. 12.2 of the Statutes)

2. – Report of the President.

3. – Economic Report

4. – Q&A

Second half

5.- Awards ceremony

  • Jordi Gomis Memorial
  • Segador de l’Any (Reaper of the Year) Award
  • Pau de Tars (Paul of Tarsus) Award
  • 2012 Friend of Catalonia Award

6. – Presidential Closing Speech.

See you in Vic!

More information @ Reagrupament Independentista