The Catalan Manifestation in Barcelona. 11th September 2012.

On the 11 of September 2012 several millions of Catalans went out on the streets of Barcelona to declare their will of independence. I, although not Catalan, attended this event. My motive came from several factors, but I will mention here just few.

Most importantly I cannot understand how it’s possible that in the XXI century, after a strong history of world war from which we (in theory) learned, a region that once was an independent country, that ’til now has its own language, flag, anthem, traditions and culture; that is a nation of millions of people who wish no more than to have their freedom back, is fighting in peace for their independence for many years now, and still maintains a part of Spain which doesn’t respect any of the mentioned above… We talk a lot about how war is no solution, and how we’re all free, living in democratic Europe. But honestly, the way I see it, it’s no better than when Hitler or Franco were the leaders. There’s still aggression here. It’s just more hidden…

Secondly, I do want Catalonia to be independent. I was taught about by countries’ painful history, which my grandparents lived, and we too weren’t a country at some point. We were forced to speak another language. Fortunately we got our freedom back. The hard way though. What I can’t imagine is that our identity as Poles could have still been repressed by another nation. It wouldn’t feel right. It wouldn’t feel fair. And it just wouldn’t feel nor democratic, nor free.

This is not about 10 people wanting to get Catalonia back on the map. This is about millions, and millions means almost every Catalan all around the world! How could we not respect that? How could we not stand for that?

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