“In exceptional moments, exceptional attitudes “


Author: RCAT

Reagrupament calls to support  President Mas at 25N plebiscitary election

Ruth Carandell, Vice President of Reagrupament (RCAT),  presented the position of Reagrupament towards the 25N plebiscitary election. Considering the fact that President Artur Mas has been at the forefront of the process for achieving Statehood for Catalonia and has publicly expressed his determination to lead it, RCAT has decided to advise citizens to give wide support to President Mas in the forthcoming plebiscitary elections. “That,”she has said”, is the responsible attitude that the historical moment in which we live asks for“. “President Mas who heads the project“, she added, “should come very, very reinforced in the upcoming elections on November 25th. The legitimate interests of the political parties should stay aside.

RCAT has been working to achieve that all political organizations that have been active in recent years for Catalonia to obtain a state on its own, free and independent,do it together led by president Mas. Despite our efforts, this unity has not been possible.

Ruth Carandell expressed gratitude for the generous offers to Reagrupament that both ERC and SI made to join their coalitions. “We sincerely thank them-she said-but we can not accept. Now it’s time for being  responsible to the country. Now is the time for generosity to Catalonia.

Therefore, RCAT has decided to give wide support in the forthcoming plebiscitary elections to president Mas. “We are at an exciting historical moment. The world is watching Catalonia and we cannot fail. Exceptional moments demand exceptional attitudes” emphasized RCAT Vicepresident.
This decision taken by RCAT  National Executive  must be ratified during the 5th National Assembly, to be held in Vic on October 21st .
(Translation: EM)