Help Catalonia – Spanishizing Catalan Schoolchildren

Spanish minister of Education José Ignacio Wert said in Congress that the intention of the Spanish government is to Spanishize Catalan schoolchildren. “Our interest is to Spanish-cize Catalan students so that they feel proud of being Spanish.”

The Spanish minister stressed his point that pro-independence leanings are artificial and feeling Spanish is the natural thing. Wert believes separatism is the result of teaching children in Catalan, in a Catalan educational system (which Spain has continually undermined). He also said that the subject of history taught in Catalonia is notably different from that taught in Spain. “Over here (in Spain), this subject is called simply ‘history’, while in Catalonia, it is called “history of Spain.”

The Ministry of Education has also reaffirmed the possibility of financing Spanish schools with public money to segregate students based on their language.

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