The Information Daily – Catalonia pushes for independence referendum in 2014

President of Catalonia, Arthur Mas, intends to ‘internationalise conflict’ if Madrid forbids a referendum on independence.

Catalonia, the semi-autonomous region of north east Spain, has been demanding secession from Spain with growing frequency.

Last month, more than 1 million Catalans turned out to demonstrate for independence on ‘La Diada’, Catalonia’s national day, which commemorates defeat and submission to Madrid in 1714.

President Mas plans to hold a referendum on independence, including questions on membership of the European Union (EU), during a four-year term that starts after regional elections on 25 November.

Legally, however, Spain’s constitution doesn’t allow for a referendum. By contrast, the UK’s laws do give Scotland the right to a vote.

In the case of Catalonia, there is a complicated tangle of historical, legal and economic issues to cut through. Catalans speak a distinct language and the region was once separate from the rest of Spain.

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