BCN Blog – Education Minister Wert Wants To ‘Impose Spanish’ On The Catalans. Is This Anything New?

The latest twist in the neverending Catalan Independence debate came on Wednesday morning when Spanish Minister for Education, Culture and Sport, José Ignacio Wert said in Parliament that he would like to impose Spanish on Catalan students.

Before those of you who understand Spanish have a go at me for being biased, here is the complete sentence spoken by Wert not just the section that has been quoted in the the headlines.

“Nuestro interés es españolizar a los alumnos catalanes y que se sientan tan orgullosos de ser españoles como de ser catalanes y que tengan capacidad de tener una vivencia equilibrada de esas dos identidades porque las dos les enriquecen, y en esa línea vamos a continuar”

“Our interest is to ‘españolizar’ Catalan students and that they feel as proud to be Spaniards as they are to be Catalans and that they have a balanced experience of these two identities because both of them enrich, and we’re going to continue in this direction.”

The difficult word to translate is ‘españolizar’ so I’ll give you a choice between ‘to hispanize’, ‘to Spanishify’, ‘to impose Spanish on’ or ‘to make Catalan students more Spanish’. Just choose the translation you think fits best!

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