Sveriges Riksdag – A new state in Europe

An interpellation to the Swedish Parliament by Bodil Ceballos (MP)

On September 11, 2012 was held the largest rally ever seen in Barcelona. Some 1.5 million people were demonstrating for independence from Spain. As this event takes place in the midst of a deep economic crisis, it is easy to get the impression that economy is the basis for this autonomy endeavor. However, this is a wrong conclusion. The idea of autonomy has been around for many years and has only grown stronger. It is not a policy primarily driven by the political parties. They are instead the Catalans (among them, many of them previously immigrated from Spain) who drive the political parties ahead. The difference today is that the scales are begining to tip over for a yes to independence and political parties feel that there is no return.

I would therefore ask the Secretary of State:

Does it concern the Foreign Minister to take some initiative to recognize Catalonia?

Does it concern the Foreign Minister to issue an active declaration to facilitate the way of the Catalan state into the EU?

Does it concern the Foreign Minister to take steps to prop Catalonia to hold a referendum if Spain denies the Catalans to keep one?

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Thanks to Montserrat Tudela