Jacek Rostowski – The relations between Spain and Catalonia need to be sorted out quickly

This week, the Polish finance minister Jacek Rostowski spoke to the FT’s Jan Cienski about the economy, the eurozone, and avoiding catastrophe. Here is the transcript:

FT: Has the ECB’s decision turned the corner on the eurozone crisis?

JR: I believe it has. I think it’s also quite correct that it should not be the ECB which makes the decision whether a country is programme-conform or not. Having European political authorities make that decision, but then the consequences being taken on board by the ECB, is exactly what we we’ve been arguing for for over a year. A note of caution I would add is my concern about what is happening in Spain, and in particular the relations between Spain and Catalonia – this is of concern and I think it needs to be sorted out quickly, both by Spain closing the loop so that ECB intervention can begin, and also by ensuring that we don’t face the prospect of serious political destabilisation. Today I’m somewhat more concerned about Spain than I was two weeks ago, but I wouldn’t put it at more than that.

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