Catalonia’s Autonomy is Dead. Long Live the Catalan State!

President Mas Speech

Once Mas announced the elections, everybody relaxed a bit. The election campaign seemed to be underway on the Internet already. They still had not explained why, but his opponents were criticizing his decision about the dates. The heads of the various government agencies were following the speech intently and made some comments about some of the things President Mas was saying:

It is true that President Rajoy told me to take the Fiscal Pact to the Courts, specifically Congress. That is as true as that I answered him I would not, because I was not willing to go through yet another excruciating and humiliating legal process. This time the Spanish Congress shall not vote. This time the People of Catalonia will.”

This Parliament has voted on several occasions that Catalonia has a right to self-determination. Now is the time to exercise this right—in a democratic, peaceful, and positive way. We do not need to look for enemies outside—we just need to focus on our own inner strength as a people and a nation.

We are all conscious that the newly elected Parliament will face a historical mission, probably the most difficult and transcendental of the last three hundred years. It will also be the most perilous one, the one where there is more at stake.”

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