EPI – Catalan free and sovereign municipalties!

The municipality of Arenys de Munt in Catalonia officially declares itself free and sovereign.

The Independence of Catalonia also makes its way from the municipalities

On September 13, exactly three years after the beginning, in the same municipality, of the popular consultation process on the independence of Catalonia, the people of Arenys de Munt had another motive of celebration: their elected representatives, headed by its mayor, Mr. Josep Manel Ximenis, approved with the votes of different political groupings the declaration which makes this municipality a free and sovereign Catalan municipality.

Mr. Josep Manel Ximenis was 3 years ago, along with a group of anonymous citizens of civil society, the founder of what would become the most important social process for the Independence of Catalonia in our recent history: the Consultation on Independence(2009-2011). Now that he’s the mayor of the municipality, and gathering the spirit and will of its people, he has decided to bring his municipality to declare itself free and sovereign, using an immaculate democratic procedure. Arenys de Munt declares itself free of allegiance to the crown of Spain.

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