No law that independent Catalonia should leave EU


Source: Diario de Sevilla

Vice-President of the European Commission Viviane Reding has stated there is no law that says Catalonia should leave the EU if it became independent.

The comments in Diario de Sevilla  (DdS)newspaper make it clear that there is simply no provision for an independent Catalonia to be removed from the EU.

From the interview (excerpts):

(DdS) Q.- Catalonia currently raises the possibility of independence. But if he does he should leave the EU and negotiate his come back. Moreover, since his departure would be within the European Union a hole in the freedom of movements of people and goods.

(VR) A.- I would not want to interfere in matters of Spanish politics, but I do not think for a second that Catalonia wants to leave the EU. I know the Catalans for long, I was one of the few non-Catalan to receive the Cross of Sant Jordi, and know that their feeling is profoundly European.

Q.- I do not ask you for the possibility of Catalonia wants to be or not to be part of the EU, but for the process that opens when you cease to be. The Vienna Convention states: the state resulting from a parent state will abandon all international organizations in which the later is represented.

A.- Come on, man, international law does not say anything like that. Please solve your internal political problems in Spain. I trust the European mentality of the Catalans.

(Translation: JS)