“We bid for a large independentist coalition”


Author: Oriol Mas


RCat’s president, Joan Carretero, says that since the next elections will have a plebiscitary character it is advisable to set up a large coalition formed by all parties seeking a free Catalan state.

If a large majority was to be reached, he thinks the Parliament ought to proclaim a Unilateral Declaration of Independence


All things are rushing out. Are you surprised by the pace of political events?

Not at all, we were expecting all this to have happened some time ago. We had already imagined something like that would happen; that’s the scenario we wanted and now we’ll assume all its consequences. Actually, two years ago we took part in the elections with a program that included the steps we are following now and we advised the voters to take the ballot as a plebiscite. What happens now is what we had anticipated and people now realize that there is no other way to get out of the mouse trap.

So what’s next in this scenario?

We think president Mas ought to call now for early elections (as he did a few hours later, soon after this interview had been published). Catalonia’s political paradigm has been completely changed as it was made evident on Catalan National Day (11th September). Now people’s claim is for a free state and not for better interterritorial relations. The government could not muffle nor hide a claim that obliges all political parties to take position.

Do you think a referendum or a unilateral declaration of Independence will follow next?

Parliament is the holder of people’s sovereignty and it has, therefore, to declare the independence of our country, if there is a large majority to do so, and take also some other steps forward such as announcing to the world we have decided to be a free nation, setting up a constitutional commission to write down our constitution, approving it in Parliament and finally calling for a referendum to get it ratified. It is funny how those who say now that our Parliament has not the competence to do this are the same who always said that a self determination referendum was never needed because the elections were the chance for the citizens to determine themselves. Well then, let’s take their word and turn the next elections into a self determination case. At the end, the referendum should ratify all the decisions taken by Parliament.

Will RCat  participate in the next elections?

We will do what we have done from our very beginning. Our aim has never been to become just another conventional political party but to secure independence for our nation. We’d like there was no need for us to take part in the ballot as that would mean there would already be a large and strong enough coalition. We are looking for a scenario based upon maximum unity between independentist groups.

Have you already talked to other groups?

We have been doing so for some time as we wanted to explain them the convenience of setting up common action and walking together so as to present ourselves to the voters as a large powerful united force which -no matter its several different ideological accents- can secure the common goal of a free state. And then, later on, we could all discuss on having more left sided, right sided or centre sided politics.

RCat has yet experienced several coalitions with CiU, ERC or CUP in different municipalties. Any positive results?

Yes, probably better in some locations than others. We are doing well in Olot with CiU and also with CUP in Girona; and we have a good understanding with ERC in some other places… We have always been trying to sum up.

Are these partners interested in a common coalition?

We’d like all they had this common aim in mind as much as we do because the more united we are the stronger we surely will become. However, we can understand that conventional parties have also their own legitimate interests. We decided to dissolve ourselves once Catalonia has become a free state while others will continue in politics. We are different in this way. But we all should go together, as many as possible, so voters can clearly see that this time is definitely the right one. Everybody now must show generosity to our own country and only so we will reach our goal.

What are RCat’s conditions to enter this coalition?

Only one that we consider to be the main reason for the next period of government: to get  and approve a Declaration of Independence in our Parliament.

What about including your candidates in the lists?

We would be happy, obviously, to play some active role in this coalition but having our own candidates will not be an imperative condition.

(Translation: JJTN)