Regarding the forthcoming plebiscitary elections to be held in Catalonia on November 25 2012

From its transversality, Reagrupament supports all political forces sanctioning the current process towards independence.

Considers the elections should reinforce President Artur Mas in order to provide him with the public backing needed to bring forward our independence process.

Reagrupament National Executive, during the meeting held on Sep 29 2012 at the national headquarters in Barcelona, reiterates –as was already stated during Set 11 2012 manifestation- its will to frame a large coalition led by President Mas to lead the Catalan people along the process to independence.   

To such effect, Reagrupament will work restlessly to build this large coallition.

Final details regarding the 5th national assembly, to be held on Oct 21 2012 at El Sucre, Vic (Osona) have been polished.