Parliament of Catalonia Votes for a Referendum on Self-Determination


A clear majority of members of the Parliament of Catalonia (MPCs) voted yesterday to held a referendum on Catalonia’s Self-Determination. The motion passed considers that the referendum will take place during the next legislative term “in principle”, but doesn´t mark a deadline or a concrete date.

A total of 131 MPCs, out of 135 took part in the vote. 84 of them voted yes. That is 64,12%. The motion has the support of CiU, ERC, ICV-EU, SI, DC, parliamentary groups or subgroups. Also, a socialist vote for the motion.

Those who voted against were 21 MPCs, from PP group and Ciudadanos subgroup. Finally a total of 25 MPCs opted for abstention, all of them socialists.

More information to come.