USA Today – As Spain sinks, many in Catalonia want out

This historic region on the Mediterranean — a center of European industrial design and tourism — has special status as an autonomous district of Spain known as Catalonia.

And as financial problems mount for Spain, many here want to get a whole lot more autonomous.

Spain is entering its second recession in four years and some Catalans say they are getting little for the river of tax revenue they send to Madrid annually. The solution they say is an independent nation.

“Financially speaking, Catalonia is perfect for Spain,” said Osvald Calzada, 32, a copywriter from Lleida, in the western part of the region. “Catalonia is the cow they constantly milk, only giving her enough grass to survive.”

On Thursday, the Catalan parliament voted in favor of holding a referendum on independence after November elections whether allowed by the Spanish government or not (under current law, only Madrid can call a legal referendum.)

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One Response to USA Today – As Spain sinks, many in Catalonia want out

  1. It is for money but not only . Also to keep our dignity and national identiy in front of Spain that is suffocating our economy as a way to die out the Catalans. They did many times whith blood, with impositions and ridicule scorning.