In Denmark, Reagrupament also rises interest


On September 18th, a group of Danish students, from the Ry Hojskole, met with Reagrupament Vice President,  Ms. Ruth Carandell and RCAT International group, Dr. Josep Sort and Ms. Ester Ponsa, at the association’ national headquarters in downtown Barcelona. The interview was very cordial and lasted nearly two hours. Young students, among whom there were also Dutch and a Brazilian one, accompanied by two teachers, asked several questions about Catalonia and the struggle for independence. One of the issues being talked about most was the European institutions and the Member States behavious, upon approval of unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) by the Parliament of Catalonia.

Interestingly, this Danish interest for the independence of Catalonia, and in particular, for Reagrupament, arrives a few weeks later that researchers at the Graduate School of International Relations at Seoul National University ( South Korea), interviewed RCAT President, Dr. Joan Carretero, in late August (More info)

Another issue also asked by students was the reference to hostile attitudes towards the independentist Catalonia, especially by certain Spanish military ranks, and if in this sense, the Catalan authorities had a plan. A question that convincingly demonstrates awareness that Europe has on the democratic quality of these states. Once the meeting was over, all the participants posed for fotographs at the Media room.

The city of Ry is located in the Central Region of Denmark, in the Jutland peninsula. For its part, the Hojskole are a network of folk who have a long tradition in the culture of all Scandinavia. A Folk high school is like a popular university which attaches great importance to holistic education. By enhancing knowledge, body and intellect, musicality, reflection and creativity, commitment, the sense of humour and personal courage, the folk high schools educate people to become aware of their own ideals and what it takes to be a democratically minded member of society.