Joan Carretero suggests “A large independentist coalition, led by CiU”

Time to call early elections with plebiscitary intention, argues the president of Reagrupament Independentista.


Source: Vilaweb

Dr. Joan Carretero, president of Reagrupament Independentista (RCAT), thinks that afterwards the 11th September massive demonstration it is time to “call for early, plebiscitary, elections as to ratify that Catalonia wants to become independent and have its own state”.  His proposal for these early elections is to build and set up “a great independentist coalition which should find in the biggest party, Convergència, its central main pivot”.

This coalition, in his opinion, should reunite all the parties that have and share as a common aim to “secure a free state for Catalonia beyond any other consideration”. Dr. Carretero has explained to Vilaweb (a Catalan online journal) that RCAT has already had several meetings with ERC and also with CUP as to explore such possibility, and hopes to have also other exchanges with CiU and some other groups.

The overcrowded huge demonstration revealed, for those who still had not got it clear, that we have now a new different political paradigm in Catalonia; the next elections will be of great use in order to decide if Catalonia must become or not an independent state”, says Carretero who points out that there will appear two different political blocks in the next ballot: those who want to keep being part of Spain, or unionists, and those who want a state of their own and seek independence”.

Our roadmap -Dr. Carretero keeps on- has not changed. We had already planned plebiscitary elections last time but our idea was not taken into account. Well, two years later the whole situation has changed.  We reckon it’s time now for early elections so all parties have the chance to speak out and say what they think of the situation that has been created by Catalonia’s people. If the great independentist coalition arises, all the better.  We think, anyway, that a new Parliament will be necessary in order to lead the way towards independence if that is the case. We understand that a wide independentist majority will be needed so the Parliement can approve a Declaration of Independence and then we could go further on”.

(Translation: JJTN)