Ramon Tremosa: The EU would accept an Independent Catalonia

After the huge rally in Barcelona on September 11, an explicit demand for Independence, many are wondering whether the European Union would accept an Independent Catalonia.
If the process complies with basic democratic requirements (an ample, civic, pacific majority expressed by means of a majority in the Catalan Parliament and/or a referendum), I have no doubt that Catalonia would be promptly recognised by a majority of EU member states, notwithstanding Spanish pressures. If the EU has recognised Kosovo, it will recognise Catalonia more quickly and easily.
As seen from Brussels, the recurring treats from Madrid of expulsion from the Euro and the EU if Catalonia proclaims unilateral independence are not really very consistent: if there is any country that runs the risk of being ejected from the Euro, it is this inefficient centralist Jacobin Spain that is unable to change its centuries-old isolationist chip and adapt to an open, global world of the 21st century. The four thousand multinationals, based in Catalonia though self-interest, will not allow Catalonia to be expelled from the Euro and will favour rapid internal enlargement, already considered and studied by the EU in case Scotland votes for independence.
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