Reagrupament will support President Mas to make Catalonia a new European state


Next election, a true self determination referendum for Catalan citizens, Reagrupament

The day is near, it’s time for us to be tough” those were the words that Dr. Joan Carretero,  President of Reagrupament (RCAT), announced yesterday on Catalonia’s National Day.

First of all, RCAT  want to express their deepest recognition to all the amounts of people who attended yesterday the March Towards Independence on the streets in Barcelona, the hugest ever political demonstration on Catalan National Day.  Particularly, we want to thank the ANC (Catalan National Assembly) not only for organizing it but also because they could so effectively mobilize so many people, and also other groups and associations from all over the country, in such enthusiastic way that this march in Barcelona is certainly going to mark a historic turning point in Catalonia’s long way towards independence.

Secondly, RCAT congratulates  The M.H. Artur Mas, president of Catalonia, for his accurately brave speech on the next day in which he asserted that Catalonia has so clearly started its national transition to become a state of its own and has clearly claimed its love for freedom in order to be a free nation, among the other nations of the world, so it can prove its will of being and progressing.  We think likewise very important the president’s commitment as to take consequent and coherent political action in assuming this unmistakable people’s claim.

We cannot renounce to be who we are, nor to what we want to be, nor to our national progress. This conviction has been spreading throughout the country and has become a general one since we realize that our pretension of matching with Spain, which had been the historic contribution of Catalanism, does not take us any further and so we must set up a new way of our own.  

According to this RCAT  reiterates its will of joining efforts and take common action together with all the political groups who are also seeking a new independent state for Catalonia. So we suggest a process with the following stages:

  • Call for constituent elections the results of which would confirm political parties favourable to secession and independence to have a wide majority in Parliament after including in their programs, in a clear and explicit way, their commitment to secure a Catalan free state. 

  • Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI)  made and approved by the Parliament of Catalonia.

  • Finally, and only after the UDI, call for a referendum as to give it popular ratification.

Therefore, RCAT  look at and consider the next elections to the Parliament of Catalonia as a true self determination referendum for Catalan citizens; the Spanish state, on one hand, cannot forbid the elections since they are legal and truly democratic; on the other hand, all parties that defend Catalonia’s right and will to become a new independent European state will have to reach an agreement and present themselves to voters in a maximum sort of united way.

(Translation: JJTN)