On the aftermath of the September 11 march in Barcelona

Notes on the political options for Catalans in a new scenario

On September 11, 2012 news of 1.5 million people marching in a major European city to demand independence made headlines all over the world. Some of the interpretations given were closer to the mark than others. Economic grievances tended to be cited as the marchers’ main motivation, or even –totally missing the point– as the only reason for the protest. A few of the better informed observers, however, put the event in the proper context of a wider national struggle. 

As to the reactions from Spain, high-ranking government officials have been issuing different sorts of warnings –and downright threats– against Catalonia taking the path to sovereignty. King Juan Carlos himself has put out a rare statement along the same lines. This shows how jittery they all are in high places about this new –and to them unexpected– turn of events.  

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