Background To The Catalan Independence Issue

Why are the Catalans so keen to obtain independence?

It’s a simple question of identity, really. Catalans have their own language, culture and history.

The language is based on vulgar Latin and is actually a lot older than Spanish which is based on high Latin. A quick example is the verb To Eat – manducare in Vulgar Latin, menjar in Catalan, manger in French and mangiare in Italian whereas comedere in High Latin gives us comer in Spanish. There are many more examples but I know from experience that when I speak Catalan I think differently from when I speak Spanish.

Culturally, the Catalans are more staid and less passionate than the Spanish. The Sardana – the National dance – is very methodical in comparison with flamenco. Bullfighting is seen as individualistic and cruel and is illegal here. Most Catalan activities are based on groups. For example, castells – the human castles – are a group effort that require cooperation.

Both language and culture are the result of a different history. The Moors only controlled Catalunya for 80 years and never really made it into the Pyrenees whereas the Spanish Reconquista took 700 years. Consequently, there’s very little Arabic influence on the language and racially, the Catalans see themselves as the South of Northern Europe.

They also had a massive empire in medieval times and had it not been for the discovery of America, which brought incredible wealth to Castile, the balance of power on the Iberian peninsular could well have remained much more equal.

You add all this together and the Catalans quite understandably feel different and would like to have their own state.

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  1. Moltes gràcies per republicar aquest article meu … hi vaig ser per la diada històrica i hi sere per sempre.

    Gran part de la meva misió és explicar el’cas català’ al món de parla anglesa!