The European Commission states that Catalonia’s independence will be negotiated at international level

The European Commission has talked for the first time ever about a hypothetical independence of Catalonia from Spain. The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Durao Barroso, admitted that “in the hypothetical case of a secession” of Catalonia “the solution should be found and negotiated within the international legal framework”.

Until now, the Commission always refused to say anything about the issue when it was asked, arguing it was an internal matter that should be solved within Spain and according to Spanish legislation. However this time, when Barroso was asked by the Italian Euro-MP from the Lega Nord if Catalan citizens “would automatically lose their status as EU citizens and their rights and duties” if Catalonia were to become independent from Spain, the EC President offered an answer. With his answer, Barroso assumes that international legislation would apply and negotiations at international level would take place. However, he also stated that “the EU citizenship is additional”.

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