What they’re saying (international views of Spain)

The Financial Times has accused the PP of using the crisis to dissolve the autonomic system and bring complete power back to Madrid. The FT accuses the PP of using the massive debt racked up by autonomous regions such as Catalonia and the Basque country as an excuse to reopen the debate of the autonomous regions.

The Spanish Government, fighting the battle for the Euro on one front, has opened a second front domestically, using the crisis as justification to grab power back from the autonomous regions. Reigniting the conflict on economic power and political independence.

The article, title “Spain: Autonomy Under Pressure” refers back to the times following Franco’s dictatorship, where communities were granted a certain level of autonomy, largely to appease the Basque and Catalan nationalists. In the PP’s eyes, this policy has backfired and they would now like to reassess the situation.

On the other hand, the fight for independence has intensified. When it emerged that Catalunya had a defecit of 13 billion Euros – it was pointed out by Catalonia that each year hands the equivalent of 9% of the GDP to Madrid – without receiving anything back in return. For the Catalan nationalists, it is Spain’s fault that the Catalan deficit has escalated with such force and from the depths of the crisis, the movement for independence is gathering strength in one of Spain’s wealthiest autonomous regions. The goal is complete independence for Catalonia, a region of over 7.5 million inhabitants from the Spanish state.

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