Separation by Mutual Agreement

When a couple has an unsustainable relationship, when there’s nothing but reproaches and distrust, when their damaged relationship hurts innocent people, the wisest thing to do is to talk about it openly. But if you’re past the point of no-return, it’s time to split up.

One of the main causes of divorce is a feeling of being smothered by the other, the feeling of being subjugated by someone who negates your individual freedom.

Nowadays, everybody has clear opinions about equality, respect, and many other concepts related to personal liberty, as well as about their rights as citizens. Politicians are always talking about these things.

But when referring to these concepts as applying to the rights of the nations, somehow they seem to no longer apply. Perhaps it is because we get used to live in conflict: neighbors who scream at each other, far-away neighbors who shoot and kill each other. And that’s just how things are.

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