The War of the Spanish Succession and the suppression of the Catalan State

General Moragues
Catalonia’s gamble in favor of Charles of Austria and against Philip V during the War of the Spanish Succession resulted in the loss of all its rights and governing institutions as an independent state. International factors completely determined Catalonia’s destiny in the War of the Spanish Succession.

The European powers were shaken when, in 1701, Charles II of Spain’s will left the throne to Philip of Anjou, the grandson of Louis XIV of France. Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, and a descendant of Philip III of Spain, also reclaimed the right of his lineage to the throne in favor of his grandson Charles of Hapsburg. Although the Hispanic Empire was in decline, the American colonies were a source of coveted richness. Therefore, when Philip of Anjou was crowned, England, the Netherlands, and the Germanic Empire, alarmed by the power France was acquiring, signed the Treaty of The Hague in 1701, and declared war on France and Spain. The dynastic question, however, was only the visible face of a European conflict in which, what was really in play, was Europe’s economic and power balance.

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