Alex Fàbregas: An Olympic Champion for Catalans

He is not Usain Bolt neither carry any Olympic medal. But the name of Àlex Fàbregas is now trending topic in Catalonia and Spain and will be one of the big names of London 2012. Àlex Fàbregas is a Catalan player of the Spanish hockey team in the Olympics, a silver medalist four years ago. In fact most of his team mates are Catalans. But he voiced something everyone think but no so much people say: ‘I’m Catalans and I’m playing for Spain just because I have no other option’. He wrote that in a tweet and suddenly got insults and even threats from Spanish fans. Fàbregas then decided to shut down the twitter account but then the reaction surged from Catalan fans. #TotsSomÀlexFàbregas (We All Are Àlex Fàbregas) became in few hours trending topic in twitter.

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