Het economisch belang van export is niet te onderschatten

The economic importance of export can not to be underestimated. It is the driving force of the economy. It is therefore closely monitored and each year there is an award for the firms who excel in export called ‘De leeuw van de export/The lion of export’.

During the first quarter of this year Flemish exports increased by 3.56% to 74.5 billion euros on an annual basis. This upward trend is a continuation of the increase during the first quarter of 2011 when exports exceeded the pre-crisis level of 2008 recorded for the first time. Exports were up by almost 10% during the first quarter of 2012 while imports have shown a year-on-year drop of 0.28%. The source of these figures is Flanders Investment and Trade which used data by the Institute for National Accounts.

Flanders, with its 3.56% growth, is slightly below the European average increase of 4.24% and also below the 5% increase in global exports for the first quarter. Flanders continues to increase its exports to emerging markets like Russia, Asia and Latin America, with exports to South Korea, Egypt and Brazil up by an impressive 30%. On the downside, exports to India have not moved much since the strong growth of 36% during the first quarter of 2011. Similarly, exports to China are only up by 5% compared to a 36% increase last year.

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