«The Catalan Government is about to put Catalonia on his knees to serve Spain», Dr. Joan Carretero

RCAT assures that Catalonia’s economy is just about to be intervened by GOS


Author: RCAT Web Team

RCAT National Executive, in a meeting held on Saturday in Mataró (Maresme)  in Centre Civic Cabot-Barba, has alerted  Catalonia’s citizens  in order to face up all the painful  consequences of the economic rescue of Catalonia which was already approved on the previous Thursday by PP conservatives with CiU’s help and support.

Generalitat’s government is not telling the real consequences of the intervention offered and planned by the Government of Spain (GOS), despite they are all included and well regulated in the concerned legal document that has already been issued.

This economic intervention is going to cause the following changes:

1. Spain will decide on the entire 100%  of Generalitat’s expenses and also the final destination of all taxes paid by Catalans.

2. Deadlines of all public debts, including their payment priority, will not be decided from now on by the Catalan government.

3. Payments of all Generalitat’s debts with the State will have priority  instead of those concerning to the public services given by the Generalitat to Catalan citizens.

According to all that, RCAT National Executive, reproves the insensitive and non transparent attitude of the current (puppet) government of Generalitat and strongly demands them to  face up the situation and to defend Generalitat’s competences to the end.

RCat’s president, Dr. Joan Carretero, has put it this way: “ Generalitat’s Government is putting Catalonia on her knees at Spain’s service”.

(In the above picture, Dr. Carretero flanked by Ms. Ruth Carandell, Vicepresident, and Mr. Joan Roig, from the territorial organisation.

(Translatio: JJTN)