CUP and Reagrupament friendly meeting



Author: RCAT web team

On Friday 13th July, a meeting was held between national delegations from Reagrupament and CUP (Candidatures d’Unitat Popular, that is Popular Unity Candidates). The event took place in Sallent (Bages) and lasted three hours. Its purpose was to evaluate current political situation and to explore new ways of collaboration.

A number of agreements were reached. Among them, this one:

  • CUP and Reagrupament, despite our clear ideological differences, are commited to work together in all areas where possible and to promote unity of action of all pro-independence organisations in order to reach as soon as possible our own state from a progress, social justice and political regeneration perspective

To read the rest of agreements enter here (in Catalan).

Participants to the meeting were: Mr. Marc Sallas and Mr. Adam Majó (from the CUP National Secretariat) and Dr. Joan Carretero, Mr. Carles Bonaventura, Mr. Roger Granados and Ms. Esther Ponsa (from Reagrupament National Executive)