Transparency and democratic regeneration at Barcelona’s IMI claimed, Francesc Banchs (RCAT)

Reagrupament in Barcelona’s Local Government

RCat Press

Mr. Francesc Banchs is an industrial engineer and ICT professional. As a Reagrupament member and representative of the coalition Unitat x Barcelona (UxB), he sits at the Barcelona’s Institut Municipal d’Informàtica (Municipal Institute of Computering, IMI) Executive Board.

In a March 26th Board meeting, Mr. Banchs voted against the proposed composition of IMI’s technical body  simply because its main objectives were being subordinated to the prevalent idea of maintaining the body’s organization in accordance with the conveniences of the staff and their personal situations. Banchs considered, on the contrary, that the objectives must be prevalent and therefore it is the technical body’s composition that depends on the objectives and has always to be adapted according to them. It is important for Barcelona, as a future capital of an independent state, to reflect this philosophy both in its municipal strategy and activity.

On June the 26th, at the last meeting of the IMI’s Executive Board,  celebrated in order to approve an assignment to IMI so it starts a new unified management of all municipal communication systems, Reagrupament ’s positioning was this time positive. Mr. Banchs remarked the need for the municipal information system to offer open information to be put at the service of all Catalan companies  and suggested, with all due respect to EU criteria related to free market competition,  to take always into account Catalan “pimes” (small and medium companies) when contracting municipal services by following criteria of radical transparency. The whole Board  agreed on the  importance of Barcelona as being now the World Mobile Capital and on taking advantage of it as well as of other similar positive chances.

Reagrupament, at IMI and everywhere else, will keep claiming strongly for transparency and democratic regeneration.

(Translation: JJTN)